Forth International Conference: “Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Spectroscopy: tools of success in the coming Era” ICNBS Egypt 2016

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Detla Kaoud pyramids hotel, Faisal street, Giza, Egypt
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Naqaa ​Foundation for ​scientific ​Research, ​Technology and ​Development is ​organizing the ​forth ​International ​Conference: ​

“​Nanotechnology, ​Biotechnology ​and Spectroscopy:​ tools of ​success in the ​coming ​Era” ​

4 – 6 March ​2016 Kaoud ​Delta Pyramids ​Hotel – Giza -​Egypt ​

The ​conference will ​take place over ​3 days, and ​will be divided ​into sections ​that allow ​focusing on the ​conference ​topics. ​

Call for Oral ​and Poster ​Session ​Abstracts ​

The ​Conference will ​consist of ​invited oral ​presentations, ​oral presentations ​and poster ​presentations ​selected from ​abstracts. We ​are now ​accepting ​applications ​for oral and ​poster ​presentations. ​

Authors will ​be notified of ​the selection ​results. ​Submissions for ​presentations ​should include ​an abstract of ​no more than ​350 words ​

Written in ​Times new roman ​size 12 ​

It must Include its:

Category name


Author name




and all ​written in bold ​14 Times new ​roman. ​

Poster instructions:

Poster must ​be 1m length x ​1m width ​

On your ​posters, please ​include: ​


Authors ​– denote ​presenting ​author with * ​

A reception ​to view and ​discuss posters ​will be held ​during the ​first day of ​the conference. ​

Abstracts ​should support ​one of the ​topics listed ​below: ​

• ​Nanotechnology ​and its ​applications: ​

1. Medicine

2. Pharmacy

3. Dentistry

4. Biotechnology

5. Diagnosis and imaging

6. Cancer therapy

7. Microbiology

8. Water treatment

9. Agriculture,​ Marine ​sciences ​

10. Nanophysics

11. Nanochemistry

12. ​Engineering (​Mechanics, ​Electronics, ​Architecture,​…etc) ​and industry ​

13. Nanoinformatics

14. Nanotoxicology

15. Radiology ​and Radiotherapy ​

• ​Biotechnology ​and its ​applications: ​

15. Medicine

16. Pharmacy

17. Stem Cells trails

18. Diagnosis and imaging

19. Cancer therapy

20. Microbiology

21. Water treatment

22. ​Agriculture and ​food industry ​

23. ​Veterinary ​Medicine and ​Marine sciences ​

24. Bioinformatics

• ​Spectroscopy ​and its ​applications: ​

25. Medicine

26. Pharmacy

27. Dentistry

28. Biotechnology

29. Diagnosis and imaging

30. Cancer therapy

31. Microbiology

32. Water treatment

33. ​Agriculture, ​Marine sciences ​

34. ​Engineering (​Mechanics, ​Electronics, ​Architecture,​…etc) ​

35. Nanotechnology

36. Materials Science

37. industry

Deadline to ​send abstracts ​to nakaa.​nanotechnology.​network@gmail.​com is 31 December 2015

welcome to ​Nanotechnology ​ICNBS Egypt ​2015 International ​conference ​


** Registration

Full Registration

Early Registration Fees:

from 20 July ​2015 to 20 ​December 2015 ​

Category / ​Nationality ​Egyptians ​Foreigners ​

Attendance 700 L.E 400 USD

Poster ​presenter 800 L.​E 500 USD ​

Oral ​Presenter 800L.​E 500USD ​

**************​****************​****** ​

Late Registration Fees:

from 21 ​December 2015 ​to 20 Feb. 2016 ​

Attendance 800 L.E 500 USD

Poster ​presenter 900 L.​E 600 USD ​

Oral ​Presenter 900 L.​E 600 USD ​

**************​****************​***** ​

Nakaa Members ​till 31 ​December 2015 ​Registration ​fees: ( If you ​are not a ​member, You can ​still join NNN ​and enjoy ​discount ) ​Discount 50 EGP/​ 50 USD on all ​categories ​
Category / ​Nationality ​Egyptians ​Foreigners ​

• The ​registration ​fees include; ​

1. open ​buffet ​breakfast, ​Lunches ​indicated in ​the program. ​

2. Participation ​to all ​scientific ​sessions. ​

3. Admission ​to the ​scientific and ​commercial ​exhibition. ​

4. All ​congress ​documentation (​congress bag ​with its ​contents, name ​badge, ​certificate of ​attendance, ​congress book) ​
• Note:

1. the ​registration ​fees support ​attendance of ​the conference ​and scientific ​participation ​with a poster ​or oral ​presentation ​only. they ​don’t ​support any ​scientific ​publishing of ​the presented ​papers. ​

2. Full ​papers (optioal)​ will be ​puplished in ​Naqaa ​International ​Journal for ​scientific ​Reseach, ​Technology and ​Development ​according to a ​written request ​and after peer- ​reviewing and ​acceptance ​

Method of Fees payment:
Fees are to be paid to:

Bank name: ​Faisal Islamic ​bank of Egypt ​

Bank branch: Dokkii branch

Account number:23608


Bank address: ​9 Adel Rostom ​street from ​Nile street ​– Dokkii ​

you can pay ​the fees in any ​other branch ​but you need to ​provide the ​above bank ​information ​during payment ​telling the ​bank employee ​that you would ​like to direct ​the fees to the ​above mentioned ​bank details. ​

You will ​receive a ​payment ​confirmation ​sheet from the ​bank, please ​scan it and ​send it to ​nakaa.​nanotechnology.​network@gmail.​com

to confirm ​your registration ​and payment. ​

Or you can ​visit us at ​Naqaa premises ​at Faisal ​branch and pay ​the fees ​

5 شارع أحمد أم​جد متفرع من شارع​ المنشية – ميدان​ الساعة – الطلبي​ة – فيصل – الجيز​ة

Certificates and Awards
————–​————— ​
1- All ​participants ​will receive ​certificate of ​attendance. ​

2- They will ​receive free ​member ship in ​Nakaa ​Nanotechnology ​network, Nakaa ​Biotechnology ​network and ​Nakaa ​Spectroscopy ​network. ​

3- The Best ​oral presentation ​and the Best ​Poster will ​receive a ​certificate of ​recognition ​beside a ​certificate of ​attendance. ​

4- The ​accepted ​abstracts will ​be published ​for free in ​Nakaa web sites.​

5- All ​accepted ​abstracts will ​be published in ​the conference ​book
————–​—————-​—————-​—————-​—————-​—————-​—————-​—————-​—————-​————- ​
Please visit ​conference ​website for ​more details: ​


Best Regards


Nakaa ​Nanotechnology ​Network NNN ​
website: www.nakaanetwork.webs.com
Mobile:002 01115831621

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