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NetZealous is a provider of world-class innovative professional trainings. It is at the vanguard of professional trainings in an assortment of niche areas. These include regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT. NetZealous sees itself in a role that goes beyond being just a provider of professional trainings. It sees itself as a source that partners with professionals to elevate them in their careers.
The beginning of a long journey
NetZealous started in 2008 in a very humble way. It started in a small way, but its growth chart has been the exact opposite. Its first brand of business was GlobalCompliancePanel, which is a regulatory training providing platform. Our management team brought its experience and keen understanding of the market to help this brand find its feet in a matter of months. Very soon, GlobalCompliancePanel was one of the talked about providers of regulatory compliance trainings.
This explosive growth propelled and motivated NetZealous’ management to embark on other brands. Training portals in the human resources, healthcare and IT grew out of its premium brand. Just as an able student emulates a teacher; the subsequent NetZealous brands soon grew and emerged as their own entities. GCP, TrainHR, MentorHealth and Compliance4All are some of the cherished brands for professionals across the world today.
Our modes of professional trainings
NetZealous offers professional trainings through all the modes that present day learning methods and technologies permit and enable. The whole aim of imparting learning through a variety of mediums is that they offer choices to professionals. Based on their requirements and needs; they are free to choose the medium that suits them best. In each of these, there is a set of accompanying advantages.
NetZealous’ web seminars offer the benefit of flexibility and convenience. These short duration training courses are available at any location of the participant’s convenience, right at her fingertips. At these webinars, our experts are available for the participant to have interactive one-on-ones at the end of the session.
Our in-person, live seminars are educative, lively and interactive. At these sessions, a renowned expert comes down to a location to impart training to participants over two days of intense learning. Having the expert right at one’s reach also helps participants interact with the expert and resolve some of their areas of doubt.
Another potent medium through which NetZealous offers professional trainings is Consulting. Our Consulting is customized to the exact needs of the professional. It is tailored to suit the clients’ individual needs and helps them ease their pain areas. These highly flexible Consulting sessions can either bring the expert to the client’s location; they can be held in a neutral location; they can be held at a time of the client’s convenience, and can be for any number of employees the organization wants.
NetZealous also has a few products that are offered as toolkits, which professionals can use to take important business decisions. Checklists, quality manuals, SOP’s, digital e-books, and presentation and training materials are some of these.
A little about our brands
Being the first brand with which NetZealous reached out to the professional trainings industry; GlobalCompliancePanel continues to be our most valued brand. As a premier regulatory compliance trainings brand, GCP’s is highly valued in industry circles. It offers trainings in the form of webinars, seminars and consulting.
GlobalCompliancePanel is a brand that aims to fulfil unmet learning needs of professionals at all levels –junior, midlevel and senior –from the whole range of regulated industries. It seeks to fill the existing lacunae in the area of professional trainings. The most qualified, experienced and best known experts who work for us make this possible.
GCP provides trainings on these and other related areas of regulatory compliance:
o Medical Devices
o Biologics
o Healthcare
o Pharmaceuticals
o Surgical Instruments
o Food And Beverages and
o Payment Card Industry (PCI), etc.
Benefits of GlobalCompliancePanel trainings to the industry
 GlobalCompliancePanel are deep and incisive in the knowledge they offer to participants. Over two days of high involvement and interactivity, professionals carry back with them a lifetime of learning.
 Attendance at GlobalCompliancePanel helps participants understand ways by which to stay compliant with regulatory requirements
 They help them stay abreast of the latest updates and regulations that regulatory authorities issue from time to time
 In being affiliated to major regulatory associations and bodies such as RAPS; GlobalCompliancePanel helps participants gain valuable credit points that help them scale up in their professional careers
 In-person, live seminars bring the experts into close contact with the participants; these hands-on seminars help participants meet experts for clarification and to also connect with industry peers.
TrainHR was the next brand that NetZealous built, following the huge success of GlobalCompliancePanel. It brings in global experts and professionals to the area of HR trainings to help HR professionals sharpen and enhance their skills.
TrainHR too, offers professional trainings in all its areas of specialization through webinars, seminars and consulting. Its seminars are held in global locations.
Benefits from TrainHR trainings to the industry
 Many of TrainHR’s courses are approved by and affiliated to certifying institutes like HRCI. These ensure that participants get important credit points with which they can grow in their professions quickly
 They get familiarized with all the latest happenings in the HR industry at these seminars, because experts are chosen from among the best in the industry and academia, from whom they can have their doubts clarified
 They get to hobnob with HR professionals from elsewhere, helping them exchange ideas about prevailing best practices in other parts of the world
MentorHealth organizes webinars and seminars in all the areas of healthcare, such as Obamacare, anti-kickback statute, HIPAA, HITECH, 21 CFR, clinical management, DEA due diligence, Electronic Health Records, and many more.
MentorHealth, through its webinars and seminars help healthcare professionals attain higher levels of professional excellence.
Benefits from MentorHealth trainings to the industry
 There are diverse areas of healthcare, for which its professionals get trained from time to time to equip themselves with the latest happenings
 Implementing provisions of HIPAA Risk Assessment, HITECH, HHS, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, Federal False Claims Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and innumerable other related ones are quite challenging for professionals. Our trainings help professional tide over the hiccups associated with implementing these
 These trainings help professionals interact more closely with experts. This helps them get up-close with them on understanding the finest nuances of these regulations. It helps them stay compliant with regulatory requirements, leading to better business practices.
At NetZealous, we are driven by one core belief: that professional trainings need not be astronomical. This is why we have created another brand of trainings in the form of Compliance4All. This is a portal that carries all the trainings that professionals need in almost any discipline that one could think of; expect that they are down to earth in terms of price. These affordable trainings are imparted in the areas of regulatory compliance. Almost any area of professional trainings that one can think of; Compliance4All offers. These range from such diverse areas as geology to banking to construction to finance to energy to corporate governance.
Benefits from Compliance4All trainings to the industry
 Regulatory compliance professionals get relieved of the major burden of having to stay compliant with a number of stringent regulatory requirements through our trainings
 These come an inexpensive price tag, since we offer all these trainings at some of the most reasonable rates anywhere in the industry
In addition, in general, NetZealous’ trainings are designed to help professionals in a number of ways. In alignment with our desire to be a source of high class, varied professional trainings to professionals across a wide range of industries; NetZealous, through its trainings helps professionals in the following ways:
 Our trainings are designed to help professionals in these areas take the growth path to their careers, irrespective of which part of the world they are located in
 The main aim of our trainings is to help professionals reach higher levels of excellence
 Our trainings are thoroughly relevant to the industry
 They offer insights into the latest developments and updates, and are from renowned experts in the respective areas
 Plus of course, they carry with them the element of liveliness and interactivity.

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